About the project

Tarnów City Council is carrying out a project co-financed by European Funds, “Business Boost For Małopolska”.

The aim of the project is to create a strong impetus for economic development for small and medium-sized enterprises in Małopolska.
Project value: PLN 2,493,652.19
EU project funding: PLN 2,119,604.36

The subject of the “Business Boost for Małopolska” project, implemented by Tarnów City Council, in partnership with the Technology Transfer Center of the Cracow University of Technology, is broadly related to the economic promotion of SMEs from Małopolska who want to expand their business and are ready for international expansion.

According to the diagnosed scope of the problem within the framework of “Business Boost for Małopolska”, projects will be carried out in the field of promotion of the Region’s economic offer (both domestic and foreign) as well as undertakings connected with the support of Małopolska SMEs with their expansion into external markets, e.g. through:
– organization of a foreign economic mission for Małopolska entrepreneurs to Spain for Smart City EXPO;
– organization of an economic event devoted to economic exchange for SMEs in Małopolska, allowing them to find potential partners – the Forum for Smart Specialization;
– developing an analysis of two foreign markets: Spanish, with particular emphasis on Catalonia, and German for Małopolska SMEs in the RSI sector;
– promoting Małopolska SMEs at national and international fairs representing selected branches in line with regional specializations; support for entrepreneurs in matching products and services offered to specific markets;
– opening up new business channels to facilitate sales abroad through workshops for SMEs.

An element supporting trade and exhibition activities will be the promotion of innovation through the strengthening of co-operation on the science-business line, particularly in the area of smart specialization of the Region, and support for the commercialization of innovative ideas and technological solutions in Małopolska.

In connection with the above activities, the provision of support is also planned for the investment process in the region, through the establishment and promotion of the Integrated Investment Offer Platform of the Tarnów Agglomeration as a pilot regional information system on investment offers.
During the implementation of the project, a unique connection will be created, using business co-operation, IOB and local government units.

The project is of a regional nature, covering the entire Małopolska Province.

Project goals

1. Increasing knowledge and qualifications among project participants and acquiring the necessary skills for business conversations with foreign and domestic contractors;

2. Acquiring knowledge about the protection of innovative solutions within enterprises;

3. Increased knowledge of export activities in Germany and Spain;

4. Increased access to information on foreign markets;

5. Supplementary information on foreign markets and international business conditions in the RIS sector of the Małopolska Province;

6. Developing a coherent technological offer of the Małopolska Region within the framework of the RIS;

7. Filling the information gap on the investment offer of the Tarnów Agglomeration;

8. Creation of an integrated Platform for Investment Offers of the Tarnów Agglomeration as a comprehensive tool for investors, informing them about the investment potential of the Region;

9. Organization of economic meetings and conferences promoting the investment offer of the Tarnów Agglomeration;

10. Organization and participation in national and international trade fairs;

11. Presence of Małopolska SMEs in national promotional events;

12. Promoting innovation through the organization of the Smart Specialization Forum;

13. Strengthening co-operation on the science-business line;

14. Creation of a network of business support institutions and local self-government units to support SMEs with internationalization.

Planned effects

The implementation of the project will contribute to the region’s economic and social development, taking into account regional sustainability.

The creation of an Integrated Investment Offer Platform will improve conditions for the economic development of the Region and compensate for the inequality between the more industrialized and economically active western part of the province and the less active eastern part. This will lead to strengthening the internal cohesion of the area, including increasing accessibility to public services through implementation of the project by entities from the public finance sector.

Increasing the economic potential of the Małopolska Region will indirectly contribute to the creation of new investments requiring human resources, leading to the lowering of the level of unemployment.