Close collaboration with the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL) in Poland, the Industrial Development Agency and a global investors located in Krakow, for the Modern Business Services Sector offer prepare.

During this year’s Innovations Forum a pane discussion took place, about the BPO/SSC/ICT sector companies to locate their future investments in the medium-sized cities. The ABSL raport, presented on March 7th 2019 in the Ministry of Investment and Economic Development shown the potential of the City of Tarnów (read more: HERE).

Tarnów is increasingly more often mentioned as a potential centre for opening companies from the sector of modern business and technological services as it naturally supplements the offer of the capital of the province.

Since 2015, the City has collaborated with associations of the biggest companies from the BPO (business process outsourcing), SSC (shared service centre) and ICT (information and communication technologies) sectors, thanks to which the created investment offers are adjusted to their requirements better.




Invest offers


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