The DESK business zone offers…

The DESK (Free E-business Zone of Creativity) business zone offers free space for micro-businesses and freelancers who do not have their own office, with access to the Internet.

Anyone who runs a business and needs a quiet place to work, or wants to deliver training or organize a business meeting may use the DESK.

The building has six workstations, a conference room with multimedia facilities and a colorful area called the brainstorming zone. There are also bathroom and kitchen facilities and an office for individual business meetings.

This solution, referred to as co-working, is a pilot project and is a response to the demand raised by entrepreneurs running a one-person business, of which there are already several thousand in Tarnów. This type of support has also been introduced in other cities in Poland, and attracts considerable interest. Its strengths include, among others, the ability to establish business contacts and save on expenses for the furnishing of one’s own office. This is a particularly popular form of activity in the freelance environment, i.e. people who work part-time, carrying out orders in the field in which they specialize.

DESK is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm.