In 2015, Tarnów signed a framework agreement on improving the appeal of the Tarnów Agglomeration to investors with eight neighbouring counties: Radłów City and County, Wierzchosławice County, Skrzyszów County, Żabno City and County, Ryglice City and County, Lisia Góra County, Wojnicz City and County, Tarnów County.

The project pertains to economic development in a broad sense of the term and it is to involve initiatives to strengthen the potential of the signatories.
The joint activities to date have resulted in two editions of the Tarnów Agglomeration Investment Fair, which presented the investment opportunities and the possibilities in the area of cooperation, aid and initiation of post-investment undertakings.

In 2017, the original group of signatories was joined by two other local governments: Tuchów City and County and Pleśna County and in 2019 – Wietrzychowice County.

The Tarnów Agglomeration in numbers:

  • 12 counties,
  • Total area: 1035 km²,
  • Population: 264,600,
  • Number of businesses 21,339,
  • Total area for investment: about 750 ha (including 150 ha owned by counties).



Radłów County Wietrzychowice County Żabno County Lisia Góra County Wierzchosławice County The City of Tarnów Tarnów County Tarnów County Skrzyszów County Wojnicz County Pleśna County Tuchów County Ryglice County